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Amp 1. 0 Xenon Flashlight

Amp 1. 0 Xenon Flashlight4 Star Rating
Amp 1 0 Xenon Flashlight
Amp 1. 0 Xenon Flashlight

Frequently you will get more affordable prices when you purchase on the Internet than you would in real shops. The Amp 1. 0 Xenon Flashlight - a great item manufactured by Princeton Tec is a good night vision for your night time stealth.

How can i find a better deal for the Amp 1. 0 Xenon Flashlight? xenon flashlight tiny multi-talented tough tactical

Price: $19.55
Manufacturer: Princeton Tec
MPN: 354186~C1
UPC: 739656014535


Tiny, multi-talented and tough, the Amp 1. 0 with you everywhere. But at a mere 57 grams you'll take the Amp 1. 0 tactical flashlight will go from over the mountain to beneath the sea. With its built-in carabineer attachment and 100 meter waterproof rating, you decide exactly where it gets to tag along. This high performance mini flashlight is the perfect travel accessory.


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